Paid Android apps and games turned FREE

Did you know that some paid apps and games in the Google Play Store go into sale? Not just any kind of sale, I’m talking about 100% off of their original price! Yep, they’re completely free – but with a catch. They will stay like that for a limited time only. Some for a week although most of them for just 24 hours. So why download apk files off your browser when you can legitimately get some for free from the store?

(Screenshot from my phone. From ₱88 now free)

Here are my 3 favorite sites that scour for these freebies in the Google Play Store:

There is an app that displays the most recent content of UbuntuVibes called Paid Apps Gone Free, so make sure to check that one out too.


These kinds of sales have been around for awhile now. The apps offered may not be the ones you’re after but at least they’re free. And you never know if one day, you might find something that might interest you. (I’m looking at you icon packs!)

Elmer Balbin

Web developer from Bacolod, Steam Sale hunter, and casual DotA 2 player.

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