5 Challenges of Being a Blogger

Blogging is not easy. It never has been and it never will be in my opinion. Aside from trying to figure out what your next article’s going to be about, you also have to make sure that your content is engaging and interesting enough for the reader and have them digest every word. If writing is your field of work, you know how good it is to feel for people to appreciate your piece.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy blogging and writing – especially when people tell me that my articles have helped them in some way. It’s really a big boost of motivation despite the personal struggles. So instead of keeping these frustrations to myself, why not I just write about it? It’s a different direction from my usual travel posts and guides but I know that there are other bloggers out there who are going through the same thing. And I hope they know that they are not alone.

Below are some of the challenges of being a blogger.

5 Challenges of Being a Blogger

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block refers to the inability to produce new work or to experience a creative slowdown. You know you want to write something but once you open up Microsoft Word, *boom* you suddenly don’t know what to say or how to start your piece. This is a serious problem that has haunted writers for a long time. You get this awesome idea for an article but somehow, you just can’t execute them when you’re about to.

Think of it as some kind of mental wall that’s stopping you from reaching your goal. And to overcome it you have to climb over, of course, figuratively speaking. Although it’s easier said than done. Personally, what triggers my writer’s block are thoughts of “Are people really going to read this article?” and “Other blogs have already written about this topic”. These can completely stop me on my tracks for days. For the meantime, I sometimes get through it by just pushing myself to get the article done. I keep thinking that the struggle is only temporary and what I have to gain from my finished post will be permanent.


Everyone has experienced procrastination at least once in their life, everyone. To those who don’t know, I really love playing mobile games. So much so that I can become addicted to what I’m playing. When the time comes when I want to write, I keep telling myself that there’s so much time in the world, I can just work on the article next time. It’s maddening because when the day’s over, I only have myself to blame because I didn’t get any writing done, instead, just leveled up my virtual character which has no real-world benefit to me. It not only eats my time but my money as well.

I think the underlying reason why I keep procrastinating is that blogging can be tedious and numbing sometimes. But when you’re playing you get this rush, albeit only temporary. I love writing but I wouldn’t really consider it exciting because you’ll only be typing on one document for hours. It can be fun though! Especially when you start giggling to yourself because you wrote something rather funny.

To deal with my procrastination, although it pains me to do it, I usually uninstall or delete the game that I’d be enjoying too much. Just saying that I’m not going to play it and just keep it on my phone or computer is not enough. There’s always that lingering temptation knowing that you can access it at any given time. Recently, I was hammering my time and money away on a game called Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love. I have since uninstalled it and I’m glad that I made that decision. *cries in corner*

Not Enough Time

I believe that there’s always a time for everything. But in some instances, there’s just not enough of it. This doesn’t really affect me in my case as I only work full-time during the day and I don’t have anything going on at night. But for the bloggers out there who work all day and have their own families, if you can find the time to frequently write, then you should really pat yourself on the back because I know how difficult it can be to fit things to do on a regular basis.

Preparing a blog post can be time-consuming. Writing the draft, coming up with a catchy title (no click-baits please), searching for images you want to use for the article, applying revisions, and even preparing the newsletter for your subscribers if you have a following. I spend hours just on the draft part so I completely understand the writers who are having a hard time keeping up with their schedule.  Because aside from that, there are the other challenges to think about. I’m currently writing this article in the wee hours of the morning because I was too busy procrastinating the whole day.

Lost Interest

I have a number of blogs aside from this one and I regret to say that I’ve already abandoned some of them. It’s not that I don’t have the time or that I’m too busy procrastinating but because I’ve just lost interest in the niche. I had long-term plans for some of them but once you’ve written what there was to write, you have nothing more to say. I’ve learned from those mistakes and before I start buying a new domain, I always try to come up with at least 10 possible titles to put in, just to know if it would be worth the effort.

No one wants to end up with a dead or inactive website. It pains any blogger to see their hard work rot away but once you lose interest on the topic, or anything for that matter, it’s quite difficult to bring back. As tempting as it may sound, don’t launch a blog if you don’t have a solid road map ahead. Also, don’t blog in the hopes to only make money but because you are interested on what you want to write. Because if you love what you’re writing and have good traffic, the money will follow suit!

Minimal Traffic

When it comes to blogs, traffic is everything. Traffic, a.k.a. website traffic is the number of people going in, reading, and interacting with your site. If you are only blogging just to keep an online diary for yourself, then this may not necessarily apply to you. But having a huge amount of traffic is good because it makes your blog rank higher than others. Also, having decent traffic will catch the attention of advertisers where you can start earning money through sponsored posts, newsletter promotions, or ad revenue. It’s so lucrative that a lot of people have left their full-time jobs because they’re already making a living from their websites.

So you see why traffic is important. And unfortunately, there are bloggers who give up because of the lack of it. I have seen blogs come and go because the writers feel that no one’s reading their posts or that it’s taking search engines too long to find them, too much competition, or that they’re earning too meager it isn’t worth the effort. Even I find it hard to compete with existing popular blogs. I actually gave up on one of my blogs a year ago because it had little to no traffic at all and I just couldn’t compete. But I try to be a bit more optimistic now by telling myself that those big blogs that overshadow smaller ones, before they became what they are now, they started from the bottom as well.

My advice would be is to keep on writing. If you’ve written a hundred articles and still no one’s coming in, then you need to improve on things like SEO, the content of your articles, and the amount of competition. Believe it or not, there is more to blogging than just writing what you to say. Although it doesn’t hurt to free write here and there.


And those were some of the challenges of being a blogger. There may be more but for now, these are what’s on the top of my head. If you think about it, you can link these challenges to one another. Say you had a writer’s block and instead of overcoming the wall, you chose to procrastinate. Or that you procrastinated, therefore you lost precious time. Another example is because your blog has little traffic, you lose interest in writing. It could also work the other way around.

I have been blogging for years now and I still have these constant struggles. Though I believe that they may never go away, it is up to us bloggers to get through them if we want to keep succeeding. Because by just accepting that these challenges exist – is already an achievement.

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