4 Common Misconceptions People Have About Blogging

Whenever I go out with my friends, at some point, we always seem to end up talking about our careers. I work as front-end web developer in the city of Cebu and to be frank, my job isn’t always that exciting. So aside from discussing my day job, I would also tell them that I’ve started blogging in my free time. They’d usually laugh, but not in an insulting way as we’re always like that to each other.

However, the next question that comes out from their mouths, aside from asking me what my blog is about, would be in the lines of, “You must make a lot of money right?”. And the answer to that is a resounding No… unfortunately. If only it was that easy to earn a quick buck, then you might as well build your own website right now. This is just one of many misconceptions some people tend to have in regards to blogging.


1. Bloggers Make A Lot Money

Okay, so you might have read somewhere online that some bloggers are earning thousands of dollars from their blogs, where some are even quitting their jobs to write full-time. That is true BUT that isn’t the same for everyone and earnings can vary depending on how you monetize your site.

Yes, bloggers make money, some even make it their main source of income, but that’s because of their hard work and how much time they’ve invested just to succeed.

There are different ways to monetize your blogs like signing up with ad networks like AdSense or PropellerAds. There’s also affiliate marketing where you promote products to your visitors. For ads, earnings will depend on your blog’s traffic so if no one is coming to your site, you’d barely make any money. In my case, I earn at least ₱700 or $15 a month from ad revenue on my first blog since I started displaying ads a few months ago. But the site has been around since 2016 so there was already some traffic going on, hence the income. So it’s far from what you might call ‘making a living’.

If you expect to make money just after writing 2-3 fluff articles, then you will be very disappointed. Put some effort and write good & quality content to actually get people to your blog. Traffic is very important. Which brings me to the next misconception…

2. Blogs Get Tons of Traffic

That depends. If you have quality content, good SEO, do keyword research, and have different ways to promote your articles e.g. through advertisements, social media, or email marketing, then you can get huge amounts of traffic. If you’re just starting out on your blog, don’t expect people to find it right off the bat. It will take awhile before search engines index your pages and they will have to rank them with other sites that target the same keywords. That’s why keyword research is really important if you plan to rely on Google for traffic.

I get around 300-600 pageviews a day from my blog and most of them come from search engines alone. I found some success on social media but that was due to Facebook Ads, which was getting too expensive and with little ROI. I would suggest promoting your content on Pinterest instead since there is a good chance that you can draw significant traffic there especially if you’re blog is about fashion, fitness, or health.

3. Creating A Blog Is Expensive

I hear this often from my friends and I would always tell them that just because the url is a .com doesn’t mean that the site must have cost a lot. Here is a breakdown of my expenses:

And that’s it! As you can see on the amount I paid for the domain, it’s very affordable. For web hosting, however, after the first two years, the price will return to $10 a month which is the original price listed on Webhostface. If you think it’s too much, then you can look for other cheaper alternatives like Bluehost or InMotionHosting. You can also opt for sites that offer free hosting services, however, these have limitations and are prone to outages especially when your blog starts getting more traffic.

But I would strongly suggest choosing Webhostface because first of all, their servers are fast, easy-to-use, affordable, and have great support. Read my full review and why I think Webhostface is the perfect choice.

4. Blogging Is Only For Writers

Ha! Before I started blogging, I was as far from being a writer as anyone who didn’t like using a pen would be. I was never fond of writing and it never crossed my mind that I would eventually enjoy it, much more create a blog. Back then, I was addicted to computer games and as you would expect from any typical gamer, wasn’t that outstanding in school.

This all changed over a year ago when I felt that my life was at a standstill and I wanted to do something about it. I was initially nervous but now, I’m glad I did it as blogging opened new doors for me. Some say that you need to have perfect grammar to be a blogger, which is sad because that seems to be one of the major reasons why people are too afraid to write. Can you say that my English is impeccable? Of course not! If you’re not a native English speaker like me, then that’s okay as long as you can make your message clear. It’s your blog, not anyone else’s.

However, if you feel that your grammar really needs help and you would like to target an international audience, then there are lots of tools that can help you. My favorite one is Grammarly, which detects spelling errors and improper sentence structures. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me when I was just starting out.


So those were some misconceptions people have about blogging. Give blogging a shot and stop thinking that you don’t possess the necessary skill. Remember, I was in that same situation before. And who knows, your blog just might be the next big thing out there.

Ready to start your own self-hosted blog? Check out this article to know what you need.

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