Blogging for Passive Income: Make Money While You Sleep

Blogging is not only a great way to express yourself online but also a convenient way to earn some passive income. Yes, you can earn money just by posting articles and leaving them up for the world to read. It’s amazing for people who don’t blog for a living and have a regular full-time job, like me, because it adds up to our already existing monthly salary. You don’t have deadlines as it is your blog and you are free to write whenever you feel like it.

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Blogging for passive income is made possible through:

  • partnering with advertisement networks
  • product affiliate marketing
  • sponsored posts

It’s basically a win-win situation. It’s like getting paid to write but you make money over time as long as your posts are publicly available. However, if you are just starting out with blogging, you can’t expect to start earning right then and there.

You need to build traffic first and in order to do that, you need to have great content. Content that you know people will love and are always searching for on the web. Because the hard reality is, no matter how many articles you write, if it’s too small or they’re not appearing on the first pages of Google results, you will have a difficult time getting people in and finding your blog.


Keyword Research

Well, first of all, keyword research is VERY important. What is keyword research? It’s looking up desired search queries and see the amount of possible competition and traffic there is.

For example, in my blog, if I want to write an article about a Cebu to Bacolod travel guide (which I have actually already done), I would research the keyword “cebu to bacolod travel guide” and check how much traffic it gets every month. I use KWFinder and this service lets me see my competitors and how difficult it is to overcome them so that I would rank higher in Google search results.

If I find that it is a hot topic, I would write the post in a way that would cater to the keyword. It may not be at the top, for now, but at least it is on the first page and Google works in mysterious ways so hopefully, it will rank higher in the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is to have good SEO and evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that will stay relevant and reliable even as the months and years go by. “10 tips to clear your mind” is evergreen but “Island travel guide” is not as fares, roads, and establishments can change. So if you have a travel blog, you will need to update your articles from time to time whenever you can so that they are up to date.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of Facebook or Pinterest. Sharing your articles will help drive traffic to your blog in very surprising ways. You need to build awareness that shouts “Hey, my blog exists!” to let people know you have something that they may find interesting to read. For this I use Buffer and it allows me to simultaneously post links to different social media networks at a scheduled time.

You can further increase your blog’s visibility by having its very own Facebook Page. With a Page, you will have a social identity and can even pay to promote ads about your site which will, in return, target a larger audience outside your list of Facebook friends. Speaking of ads, this leads me to my next tip…


You know how you see those Ads by Google advertisements around the internet? Well, those are actually a great way for people to find your blog. AdWords (Google’s ad network) allows you to post ads for search keywords that you want. So if you want to target “cebu to bacolod travel guide”, you can and that will place your ad at the top of all the search results for that specific keyword. Although I haven’t personally tried AdWords yet, only Facebook Ads, so I might not be entirely correct as to how it works now.

So now that you know how to get people on your blog, it’s time to teach you how to start earning passive income.



By simply displaying ads on your posts or certain sections on your site, this is probably the easiest way to make money over time. However, don’t expect that you will be earning by the hundreds of dollars per month as your blog is still new. When I started partnering with advertisement networks a few months ago, I was just earning pennies. Now, I’m getting around $22-27 per month from ad revenue. It’s really not much if you think about it, but it is important to note that blogging is just my past time and I still have a regular job that provides me with a stable salary.

There are a lot of ad-delivery networks out there and I have used a lot of them.. a LOT of them.. but I always come back to Google AdSense. They’re safe, popular, and pay a decent (reasonable) amount. However, there’s an application process before you can install AdSense on your site and I failed my first application. I was only able to pass on my second application a few months later.

They do not tell you why your blog did not pass but from what I know and what I have read online, it could be one of these reasons:

  • Low site traffic
  • Small number of articles
  • Not much content per article
  • Copyrighted content
  • Unwanted content (violence, pornography, hate speech, trafficking, etc.)

So make sure to abide by these before your application as there is a waiting period before you can reapply again. If you really can’t get into AdSense, there are other alternatives like Propeller Ads or even Infolinks, which is text-based.
To increase your earnings, you can also personally contact companies and have them post their ads on your blog for a recurring fee.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you refer products or services from a third-party and you get a commission for every successful purchase. This works by adding links to the products in your articles. If you own a gadget review blog, you will find this very beneficial and in-line with your content as you can recommend the products that you are reviewing. In the US, for products, there’s Amazon Affiliates and eBay. In the Philippines however, we have the likes of Zalora and Lazada Affiliates but I have yet to find any success with Lazada as their affiliate system tends to go down from time to time.

Affiliate marketing is not only limited to products though. You can also refer services too, like in my case – web hosting and domain packages. Really, there’s just so much you can recommend to people so affiliate marketing shouldn’t be that difficult, though it’s not a reliable way to make an income on.

Sponsored Post

This is where companies or individuals would pay you to promote their product or service. It’s not really ‘passive’ as you are usually only paid once and that is when the article is published. But if you can reach an agreement where you are to be paid every month as long as the article is up, then that’s great! Just to keep the income coming in 😉


Blogging can be quite profitable if done right. You have little to lose and you only need to invest your time to provide quality articles to your readers. It may be tedious or even challenging, but I’m telling you right now that your hard work will eventually pay off as you will be earning money even when you’re asleep. Not to mention that it’s fun as you also get to talk and write about whatever you want.

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