Infringement isn’t cool and is punishable under RA 8293 and the DMCA.

You are NOT ALLOWED, under any circumstances, to copy, download, reproduce, rewrite, or revise content, which includes any form of text or images, from my articles and post it on any website or online platform WITHOUT my consent UNLESS you provide clear attribution and a linkback to my original article. However, if need be, I can still request a takedown even if there’s attribution and linkback provided e.g. misuse of the original content, showing content in a bad light, etc.

For schedule times and fares that I’ve posted, you can freely copy those for those are just publicly available. BUT I would really appreciate it if you could attribute/credit my article by adding a linkback as I really spend a lot of time to make sure they’re updated, to the point that I would take the trip myself.

Sample attribution and linkback. Make sure to link the url:
Source: The Visayan Blogger (

HTML version:

For websites, attribution and linkback font size should not be smaller than 14px. Attribution and linkback should be part of the article content (e.g. before the first paragraph or after the last paragraph of the article) and not placed obscurely.