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Remove the first sentence in a DIV using jQuery

This will only remove the first instance in every class or element tag you specified in case you have multiple periods (or whatever it is you set as your char). HTML



Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by…

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Custom CSS Scrollbar using -webkit-scrollbar

Copy this code to your css file. Customize as you wish. Only works for -webkit- supported browsers.

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How to Choose Your Domain Name

You’re looking through the website of your favorite band or someone’s blog you enjoy reading and then suddenly you tell yourself, “I want my own site too”. This is when you start thinking about choosing your domain name. I’m not talking about those subdomains provided by your website…

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CSS-Tricks – a great CSS blog

Here’s a site that I’ve been following for quite some time now and would like to share with everyone. CSS-Tricks has some pretty surprising tips and tricks that I have personally even incorporated to some of my projects, introducing newer methods of front-end coding not only…

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