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LOVE THIS CHEVY! McDonald’s giving out free meals to Chevrolet owners

No one wants to start the day on an empty stomach. Missed breakfast and running late for work? McDonald’s has you covered! But that is only if you own a Chevrolet. For every Thursday from January 10 to February 7 of this year, McDonald’s will…

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Bucket Lov’n Shrimps – Delicious and Affordable Bucket Shrimps in Cebu

Not many people may know this but I absolutely love seafood, most especially shrimps! I just think they’re very delicious and I feel a lot fuller with shrimp as ulam compared to, for example, fish & crab. That’s why I would never pass by an…

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How to Order from McDonald’s Secret Menu in the Philippines

You’ve probably read somewhere online that McDonald’s has a secret menu which offers unique meals that customers can order. Some people think that it is only available abroad but that’s actually far from the truth as you can also order from the menu here in…

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