LOVE THIS CHEVY! McDonald’s giving out free meals to Chevrolet owners

No one wants to start the day on an empty stomach. Missed breakfast and running late for work? McDonald’s has you covered! But that is only if you own a Chevrolet. For every Thursday from January 10 to February 7 of this year, McDonald’s will be giving out free breakfast meals to Chevrolet car owners and passengers when you do a drive-thru through one of their participating stores.

My friend Patrick showing off his free meal
My friend Patrick showing off his free meal

What does this meal include? Well, nothing short of a delicious Sausage McMuffin with egg and hashbrown meal that comes with a 12oz premium roast coffee. I wish I owned a Chevy! (or a car)

How do we avail the free McDonald’s meal? Just drive up through the drive-thru and when you are asked by the speaker box, say “LOVE THIS CHEVY!” to identify you are driving a Chevrolet. Then head to the first window where they will provide you with coupons which you will give to the next window to avail your free meals.

How many meals can we get? You can get a maximum of four meals depending on how many passengers are with you in the vehicle. So if there’s only two of you, you get two free meals. Unless you want to call me up and have me tag along!

Is this available the whole day? Unfortunately no. You can only avail of this special promo from 6am to 10am, which is usually the standard cut-off time of serving breakfast meals.

So what are you waiting for? Get the family in your sweet Chevy and head to the nearest participating store now!

List of participating McDonald’s stores/branches

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