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Why Webhostface Is One of The Best Web Hosting Providers

Just a few posts before I talked about my previous web hosting provider iFastnet, and how I stayed with them for a LONG time back when I was just starting on my blog. From their free package, I upgraded to their shared hosting, and ultimately…

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iFastNet Is The Best Cheap Web Hosting For Your Budget

You might be thinking ‘₱200 a month? Aren’t there more cheaper ones out there?’ Yeah there are. However, you’d be surprised to know the features you’re getting at that value compared to those “alternatives”. Today I want to share with you why I love iFastNet…

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Byethost – Best Free Web Hosting Provider

Why Byethost? It’s fast, has less restrictions, and barely any downtime. I have tried A LOT of free web hosting providers in the past. I’ve updated my DNS so many times that the propagation can take up to 24 hours because I keep on queuing…

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