MakeupByBooya – Bacolod’s Rising Makeup Artist

I recently got the chance to interview Bacolod’s own young and talented makeup artist, Bea Ivanica Mocorro a.k.a. MakeupByBooya. With her posts and videos currently spreading like wildfire, she has been featured by numerous pages and sought after for her amazing and creative works in the beauty industry.

She does her own workshops and recently involved working with Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach herself.

Bea currently has a Facebook page with over 2,500 likes, an Instagram following of over 3,100, and a YouTube channel, where she regularly does vlogs and tutorials, with more than 2,500 subscribers.

1. Has it always been your childhood dream to become a makeup artist?

Makeup Artistry has never been my childhood dream. I didn’t even think that was a profession back then.

2. What made you decide that doing makeup is what you wanted?

I was looking for my identity in the art industry. I used to paint and my subjects were usually portraits because I love creating characters. Though I enjoyed it, I felt like I didn’t really fit in in that side of the art world. I jumped from one art to another until I discovered makeup artistry. Building my kit was expensive at first but it was all worth it.

3. Who were most supportive of your goals?

My mom and my friends are super supportive of my goals and achievements in my chosen industry.

4. How did you come up with the name ‘MakeupByBooya?’

“Booya” is a name of endearment by my friend. I have other nicknames, but I think Booya sounds a lot more catchy than the other ones. I use the username “@MakeupByBooya” on Instagram so people know that my page is a makeup page.

5. What was it like when you were just starting up?

It was difficult for me because building a kit is expensive. Not only I had to buy makeup, but I had to buy skin care products, cleaning materials, tools, pouches and etc. It’s a lot and it’s no joke.

6. When did it occur to you to start sharing your work online?

Growing up in the art industry, I was used to seeing paintings being exhibited for artists to gain exposure. When I transitioned to makeup I realized I also wanted to show my new skills and art, but since there are no exhibitions for makeup, I decided to post them online for my works to be exposed.

7. How was the social media response?

It was great! There are not much makeup artists back then putting crazy looks online so the feedback was unexpectedly amazing!

8. When was the turning point that you could say made you really popular and jumpstart your beauty career?

That would be when I joined the first NYX FACE Awards here in the Philippines. It was one of the most anticipated makeup competition of 2017. I think brands noticed me because of the content that I created. I made sure all of my videos were of quality and that they have value and character.

9. How has the fame affected you?

This question made me laugh! 😀 I’m not that famous yet, but when I am I know I’ll be the same person I was back when I was just starting out. That sounds a bullsh*t answer but it’s true.

10. Do you still buy your own products? Do you get endorsement deals?

Yes, I still buy my own products and yes I do get endorsement deals.

11. What traits should one possess to succeed in this industry?

Stay passionate and creative in creating QUALITY content and don’t let the QUANTITY of your following eat you up.

12. Aside from doing makeup, do you have other hobbies?

I like filming and editing videos that’s why I enjoy creating content for my YouTube channel because I get to do both of my interests which are filming and makeup.

13. Are you determined to continue on your passion or do you have any other professional ambitions?

For now I’m really enjoying my life as a makeup artist and a beauty online influencer and yes I’m determined on pursuing on this career path.

14. What would you say to those who are also aspiring to be a recognized makeup artist but are having a difficult time getting recognized?

DON’T. LET. YOUR. SHYNESS. HOLD. YOU. BACK. In anything that you do may it be in makeup, painting, dancing, music, if you have a talent, share it to the world. Go all out with your passion and people will start noticing. And if you feel like you’re not receiving the feedback that you expect, switch things up until you have found your own magic formula. Also, join competitions. Win or lose, you still get the opportunity of having a platform for exposure. I didn’t win in any competitions I entered, but brands and makeup artists took notice of my work and now I got the opportunity of doing campaign shoots with makeup brands and working with Pia Wurtzbach.

Be sure to check out more of MakeupByBooya on her Instagram account.

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