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How to Order from McDonald’s Secret Menu in the Philippines

You’ve probably read somewhere online that McDonald’s has a secret menu which offers unique meals that customers can order. Some people think that it is only available abroad but that’s actually far from the truth as you can also order from the menu here in…

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Comparing BACOLOD and CEBU Jeepneys

I’ve rode jeepneys in Bacolod since I was in high school. I remember the first time my mom let me and the sense of independence I felt back then. For the most part it was great, but as the years went by I started to…

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Why You’re Still Single

So you’re watching Netflix and as the credits of some rom-com movie your friend suggested you watch tonight started to slowly slide up the screen, you remember the good parts of the film and you pause to wonder — why the hell am I still…

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7 Books You Won’t Ever Regret Reading

Books are awesome, and that’s a fact. Whether you are a reader or not, there are some books that will completely change your vision about your own life. Reading is feeding the mind. Others may not enjoy reading entirely but if you let yourself into…

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Freelance or Being Employed: What’s the Difference?

I worked as a freelancer way back even when I was still studying in college. I didn’t earn that much since I was just only going for local projects in my area or in my school. When I graduated and got into my first company,…

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