How to Order from McDonald’s Secret Menu in the Philippines

You’ve probably read somewhere online that McDonald’s has a secret menu which offers unique meals that customers can order. Some think that it is only available abroad but in reality, the menu is also being readily served here in the Philippines. Almost all McDonald’s branches offer the meals and the cashiers know about it. My friend Patrick and I have bought secret meals from branches in Bacolod and Cebu so we’re sure it’s pretty much the same everywhere else unless there’s really no stock.

I’ve created this quick article to help others know how to order from the McDonald’s secret menu in the Philippines. I’ve also embedded an image of the secret menu below so that you know what you’ll be ordering.

Prices may have slightly changed since this photo was posted.

If for some reason the photo is unavailable or Facebook is blocked, click here for the image. There’s the Surf N’ Turf, Triple Cheeseburger, Double McChicken, and the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.


  1. Choose which meal you want and make sure to remember the name as they will not provide you with the options later.
  2. Get in line and wait for your turn at the cashier.
  3. When she asks you for your order, simply say SECRET MENU.
  4. If she gives you a confused stare, she’s probably new and will call her manager. If she does know what you’re talking about, she will ask for the name of the meal which you will then give.
  5. After they punch your order in the register, give your money to the cashier.

And voila, your first delicious McDonald’s Secret Menu meal! You’d think there’d be more to the ordering process but it’s actually just as simple as that.

All the cashiers will then clap in unison and congratulate you for successfully ordering from the secret menu…

Just kidding.

But wouldn’t that be cool right? 🙂

My first of many Triple Cheeseburgers
My first of many Triple Cheeseburgers


Yes, it is and it’s the same procedure. Just say SECRET MENU when you are asked by the voice box for your order and give the name of your desired meal.

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Just ordered my first secret menu meal tonight! tyvm for the article ^_^