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Finally got approved by Adsense

After my last application was denied months ago, I tried reapplying last December 11 in the hopes that this time, the results would be different. By the way, for those who don’t know what Google Adsense is, it’s basically the one who displays those ads…

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My Ugly WIFI Experience with SMART

I don’t usually give negative feedbacks online. Most of the time I just read other people’s comments and gave the occasional nod agreeing to what they wrote. Until I experienced it myself and it all started when I decided to apply for an internet plan…

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Art Board – Offline browser-based IDE w/ Live Preview

Jake The Dog CSS image development View Demo I always enjoyed making images using CSS. It keeps my mind working and at the same time I get to learn new things and techniques. I do my work mostly on CodePen.io since everything is there and…

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CSS Art “Rulers of the Sea” featured in The CodePen Spark

Making images with CSS is not always easy. There are times that you have to go the extra mile on your work to have it stand out from the rest. Before I began working on Rulers of the Sea, I only intended to create a…

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