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Why Byethost?

It’s fast, has less restrictions, and barely any downtime. I have tried A LOT of free web hosting providers in the past. I’ve updated my DNS so many times that the propagation can take up to 24 hours because I keep on queuing new changes to the name servers. I couldn’t really afford to purchase paid hosting. The monthly fee was too expensive and I didn’t think I needed it because my sites weren’t that big and it didn’t attract that much traffic. It would just be a waste of space and money. So I only bought a domain name and relied on free hosting, initially for my online portfolio so that I could showcase my work to others or potential clients. To show you how many I’ve tried, here is a list of some of them and my comments:


It was great, until they upgraded their systems to the new ‘app look’ and disregarded the old member’s panel. Don’t take me wrong, the new system has its perks, like it’s user-friendly design for beginners. But I liked cPanel better. I was used to it and felt I had more access to my hosting. In the new system, it looked as if I was only limited to what they wanted me to see and it was confusing. And their hosting plan changed! I could no longer create email accounts and had to upgrade to a paid plan, which sucked. Anyway, click on the link to check out all their features. Currently as of posting, it is rated as the ‘best web hosting’ by other sites but I think they were referring to its old version.


Stayed here for a while before changing to another provider. It was great, for a free account it had nice features, less downtime, and no ads! However, there was this weird phenomenon where the server kept deleting the index.php file which was basically the heart of my website (the mind is the database). But if I changed the file extension to index.html, it left it alone. To this day, I never got a proper explanation from them why it kept happening and legend has it, some index.php files still kept disappearing… *creepy woooo sound


Actually liked this one when it was just hosting my portfolio. Small drive space but reasonable. This was my hosting provider before I moved to Byethost. Only moved because there was this monthly bandwidth limit that I was filling up at an unbelievable rate and I was already starting with my blog so I needed more space.


This one was also pretty good for what it offered on its free plan. It’s just that I was only limited to one email account and 5GB traffic whereas I need both to be a bit more than that. But I recommend you to check this one out if you’re just going for a simple site.


One word, “claustrophobia”. Much like freehostingeu, the hosting was fine but there was just too little drive space. I occasionally upload files to my site and blog so this was a major issue for me. If you’re not like me and barely use any media files, then consider this provider another option for you.



So those are some of the free hosting providers that I have tried before settling down here in Byethost, my current provider as of the time of posting. 1GB drive space, 50GB monthly transfer, 5 MySQL databases, 5 email addresses, check out their full list of features here! No big issues for now but there was this instance that they suspended my account because I was endorsing a web tool, which I think was not allowed, that I created on a subdomain in my account (never read the Terms & Conditions, I mean who does?). So yeah, I recommend you to host your site with Byethost but check out the other providers as well maybe you’ll like their services and that they’re just what you’re looking for.

All these options are good for blogs or small sites and if you are on a budget. A couple of downtimes will happen though. Remember, these are all just free web hosting providers, a paid one or a paid plan is always better.

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Hi, great review. Have you tried x10hosting? How does byet host compare if you have? Ive been on x10 but it has been slow and also it seems like I run out of resources fairly quickly. 🙁

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