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Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is a story about a kid named Lucio who is destined to save the world from the forces of Darkness. You start in Carnia, a small village on the east side of the map, whose citizens are all talking about your ceremony of becoming an adult the next day. Then slowly you will be drawn to a conflict that you never thought existed and initially deny the fact, that everyone keeps telling you in the game, that you will become the savior of mankind. The storyline is actually good and pretty interesting for a 2D RPG game as there will be plot twists that will make you want to keep playing just to know how everything turns out.


The game is free and it doesn’t need you to pay to win. It is also playable offline. It begins by letting you pick your class out of six choices: Barbarian, Templar, Rouge, Shadow Hunter (archer), Priest, and Arch Mage. Check this link out to know more about the classes. Throughout the course of the game, you will meet tons of NPCs including Ameli, the girl you have a super crush on. You will battle monsters, clear missions, collect loot, battle bosses, and collect loot again, and so on. If you’ve ever played Ragnarok, you will get the similar vibe of grinding for loot and coins. This is normal for RPG games and can be tiresome but at the same time enjoyable and rewarding.

There will be mercenaries that you will be able to add to your team (max 3 including you) which will greatly help you through your journey. By default, they’ll basically mimic whatever you do, like where you go and who you attack. You can swap between each by tapping their faces on the top left corner so that you will have control over their skills and movement. You can also change the way they behave if they are attacked by an enemy in their Status screen (default setting is OFF which makes them punching bags and won’t react) or choose which skill they should use more often. This kind of gaming experience is actually the reason why I keep coming back.


Talk about nostalgia. What it lacks in graphics makes up for its gameplay and story. The game looks something that was made way back during the days of Ragnarok and GameBoy Advance. It is pretty lightweight on ram which is good for those who do not have high-end devices. And the game size is just around less than 40 MB. Though its ‘pixelated’-look, it’s very fluid in terms of unit movement and spell casting which is pleasing to the eye. To be honest, this was the very reason why I hesitated playing the game. But after taking a leap of faith and reading tons of positive reviews, I tried it out and never regretted my decision since. It comes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.


Not too boring but not too exciting either. Just some background music that changes and loops again from time to time. There will be no character or NPC audio dialogue and everything is read from the screen. But I prefer it this way than possibly avoiding the game because of some bad voice acting.


From bears to ghosts and carnivorous Bellsprouts, there are just too many to name. What makes Inotia different from most RPG games is the way you initiate an attack against an enemy. Instead of tapping the attack button like crazy, you can just tap it once and it’ll keep attacking until your target’s dead or you’ve moved away. For button-smashers, this may be a downer for you. But watching that bandit getting pummeled by you and your mercs actually make up for it. The monsters aren’t that difficult as long as you progress properly and not in a rush because each map tries to balance out with what level you should be when you get there. The monsters reset every time you leave the map. So if you decide to go back, they’ll be there loitering around again.


There are tons of different gear in the game which you can get through shops, monster loot, and mission rewards. But I suggest avoiding the ones in the shops because they’re mostly just normal ones and plain bad (not to mention expensive). You can increase your inventory capacity through Handbags which you can purchase from a Potion shop or merchants which will add 4 or 8 slots per bag (you can have 3 extra bags). So 16 slots (your beginning main bag) + 8 + 8 + 8, you can carry 40 items in total. Some items like potions or scrolls can stack so that they do not occupy unnecessary space. You will, very much like me, finish the game with stuff that you will never be able to use or know what it’s for.


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