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On January 23, 2018
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I am happy with iFastNet. It's fast, feature-packed, and most of all cheap. Very ideal for those starting their own sites or blogs. Especially for those who are keeping a tight budget.

You might be thinking ‘₱200 a month? Aren’t there more cheaper ones out there?’ Yeah there are. However, you’d be surprised to know the features you’re getting at that value compared to those “alternatives”. Today I want to share with you why I love iFastNet and why I prefer it to other cheap web hosting providers. It is certainly the first hosting provider that I would recommend to my friends… and they would be equally impressed!

Introduction – I’ll make this quick!

When I started building my site over a year ago, it was hosted on a free provider called Byethost. Why Byethost? You can read my review here where I compared it to other free alternatives back then and why I think it was better than the rest. iFastNet is the parent company of Byethost, so when my blog started getting more visitors, I had to upgrade to increase my maximum allowable resources.

I was hesitant at first since I wasn’t sure if I should stick with the provider or look for a new one. The reason because iFastnet isn’t that popular here. I live in the Philippines so my salary wasn’t that big and the annual plans of other web hosting providers was too much for a small-time website owner like me. Eventually, I decided to stay with my provider and upgrade my free plan to a paid one just to try it out for a couple of months. And boy… am I glad that I listened to my gut!

The number of features I got for such a small reasonable price were unbelieveable. iFastNet may not be as big or as popular as GoDaddy or Siteground, but what they had to offer wasn’t something you’d expect by spending only ₱200.00 ($3.99) a month! That’s like the cost of 3 silog meals here – minus drinks. If you want more convincing why iFastNet is the best cheap web hosting, then continue reading below.

Here are my 5 reasons why you should go for iFastNet too:

1. Price.. Duh.

You know the thing I hate about discounted hosting plans offered by some providers is that the low prices they advertise, are only for the initial purchase. That after a period of time, it gets back to its original value which is almost twice the price of when you originally bought it. You will have the difficult choice of either staying with that provider and paying more, or go look for an alternative and hope to save some money.

If you go to iFastnet’s home page, you’d see the prices associated to each plan and how they are just fixed. That is what I want. To stay in the middle line, not too cheap and not too expensive but at the same time get more than your money’s worth.

I am currently under Super Premium but they also have a Starter plan which should cost only around ₱900 a year by current peso-dollar conversion. It’s really cheap believe me. It’s only twice the price of a .COM domain name. However, that would only be good if you were only creating one site which isn’t what I want. I am a web developer and I plan to host multiple sites in one server. It adds risk but it helps me manage different sites since they’re all in one place. So if you are developer like me, I suggest avoiding the Starter and go for the Super Premium or Ultimate Premium plans.

Even if you are earning ₱10,000 a month, forking out ₱200 shouldn’t be too much. Especially if you plan on creating sites that will generate income in the long run.

2. Main Features

All the features for each package can be found here. 20 Addon domains? 20 MySQL databases?? 100 email accounts?? For the same price as buying 2 Jollibee fried chicken meals with choco sundae??! Are you crazy!? No, I’m not but that’s exactly what they’re offering. If you aren’t familiar with any of it or don’t understand network lingo, you could blindly trust me or get someone you know who took up any computer-related course to explain it to you. I could but that would be a whole different post 🙂

20 Addon domains mean more sites to host. This is by far very beneficial to people who own mutiple domains and just want to stack them all up into one place. No need to keep switching your FileZilla tabs! Oh yeah don’t forget about those tasty FREE SSL certificates! Yum!

3. cPanel & Softaculous

Those who grew up installing and developing websites for the web know what cPanel is. I don’t kow about you but I just can’t be with a hosting provider that doesn’t have this, even if it was for free. The ease of navigating to each setting and having all possible options laid out to you makes you feel in control of everything. From creating new addon domains, databases, FTP accounts, to monitoring your bandwidth usage – it’s all there!

Softaculous is a feature that most web hosting providers already provide. It allows you to quickly install and manage content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress so that you don’t need to upload them in FTP. Also keeps track of their version updates ensuring that you always have the latest one installed. So yeah, bonus points.

4. Uptime & Reliability

From all the time I’ve been on the Super Premium plan, I’ve only experienced one downtime but only for a few hours. It was because of bad weather that caused catastrophic damage to one of their data centres. Well that’s according to them. I feel catastrophic is too strong of a word. But other than that time, it’s been smooth sailing. I rarely get slowdowns but I’m not sure if they’re because of iFastNet or my CDN provider, Cloudflare.

5. Support = Amazing!

Have you ever tried filing for a support ticket to your provider and let that ticket test the streams of time only to be answered days after? Well that doesn’t happen with iFastNet! Their Support team replies very quickly and they don’t pass you from one person to the other. Just give them your problem and they will resolve that as soon as they can.

However, it would be even better if they had live chat support like in Siteround. Because as of posting, there isn’t any 🙁 But don’t let that discourage you. Like I said, they reply quick – faster than you can say “iFastNet”!


I am happy with iFastNet. It’s fast, feature-packed, and most of all cheap. Very ideal for those starting their own sites or blogs. Especially for those who are keeping a tight budget. They may not be as big as their powerhouse alternatives GoDaddy and Siteground, but they can surely deliver a punch for something that only costs as much as a full meal.

On the checkout page, enter MEGADISCOUNT on the coupon code field. It’s 10% discount on all their hosting plans!

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my website was 4 hours down with no support from them with VPS plan what a shame


I love it that you discovered iFastNet.

I also recommend it and it’s the parent company of ArcenHost.

BTW if you want a coupon, you can give me a temporary email because I received a coupon from them.

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