It’s called the ‘Dab’!

Image By Gokudabbing (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You see me rollin’…and dabbin’

Well this is embarrassing but it actually took me some time to finally figure out what this was called. You’ve already probably seen this on memes, vines, or someone’s Facebook account.  The first time I saw it was on YouTube about someone’s graduation video where he was doing the ‘Dab’ pose during their ceremony. Not surprisingly, it’s called ‘dabbing’ when you’re actually performing it. Before, I only referred to it as the ‘Dank’ pose. Not sure why but maybe because nobody I asked knew what it was too. They just did it because it was the trend. Or maybe I was just asking the wrong people 😛

After some research, I found out that the originator of the dance pose was Skippa da Flippa, a dance artist according to Wikipedia. It only became more popular after Cam Newton, a footballer of the Carolina Panthers, did it during a game…back in 2015 (yeah that long ago!). Rich The Kid, a YouTuber, also made a video on how to do it months before Cam ‘brought’ it down the field.

How to ‘Dab’

Just like the picture on this post, act as if you’re sneezing and you’re covering it with your elbow; while the other arm is raising up parallel to the former.

If for some unknown cosmic reason you’re having difficulty, here’s Rich The Kid to teach you the ways of the Dab:


I am never the most updated person and that is probably why I am so late to this craze. I never even got to experience the Mannequin Challenge before. I’m just really cooped up with my work that I can’t wait to go to bed whenever I get home. I would watch YouTube often but it would only be about DotA, or some science tech-y stuff that other people would find boring. In my opinion, I actually enjoy watching people cracking the ‘Dab’ and would likely try it myself. It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny 😀

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