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So you want to start a blog huh? That’s awesome and I can sincerely tell you that it’ll be one of the best decisions that you’ve ever done! This will be a stepping stone for you as you’re now actually doing something that most people are too nervous to do. I’ve seen individuals who were too eager to start a blog but would back out on the last minute. There are also some that just lose the drive to keep on writing after completing a few articles or would face the so-called ‘Writer’s Block’ where they would run out of stuff to say. I hope that doesn’t happen to you though as there are just so many things you can talk about.

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You can blog about your interests like fashion, travel, and even about food. Or use it as a personal online diary where you can share what you did for the day. You can even convert it into a job portfolio which you can put on your cover letter. Employers, especially those in the IT industry, somewhat get more interested with applicants that have their own websites to show off their works.

What you need to start a blog

To start your own blog, you would need 3 basic things:

  1. A domain name (
  2. A web hosting provider (eg. HostMeCheap)
  3. A content management system (WordPress!)

For 1 and 2, it will cost you money. Yes, there are free services out there that allow you to create free blogs, but these will always have some kind of catch. It’s either you couldn’t change your blog’s design, are only limited to using a subdomain, and much more. That’s why to avoid such restrictions, most people turn to self-hosted blogging. When you self-host, you have complete control over your blog. From the design and to the code files that run everything, you can manipulate most aspects of your website.

I’m new to this and I have no idea what you’re talking about

Haha that’s okay! You are not the first and certainly not the last to tell me that. I’ve met dozens of fresh bloggers who were also new and just wanted to write without dealing with anything that seemed technical or spend too much money. That’s why last August 2018, I launched my personal service which has everything you need to start a blog.


From the name itself, HostMeCheap offers very affordable web hosting packages and domain names for everyone. How affordable? Well, you can have a blog up and running within the hour for as low as ₱238/month and that already includes your custom domain name! HostMeCheap charges monthly which is great for students who need a temporary website for their projects or thesis 🙂

Another thing that makes HostMeCheap different from the rest is that since it’s a personal service of mine, I will do my best to cater to your needs and I can easily adjust to your preferred payment dates. Missed the date of payment? Just give me a heads up! Don’t worry, I don’t automatically suspend accounts on the dot lol

Web Hosting Packages

There are actually 3 web hosting packages to choose from:

  • Student Package: ₱150/month
  • Basic Package: ₱200/month *POPULAR*
  • Professional Package: ₱350/month

For the list of specifications for each package, check out


HostMeCheap is a partner of Crazy Domains so we offer .com domains at a muuuuch lower price of ₱456 a year. If you do not have a domain yet, just add ₱38 to your package plan and we will purchase and manage the domain name for you. So if you choose to subscribe to the Basic Package, you will be paying a total of ₱238 per month (₱200 for the package plus ₱38 for the domain).

That’s quite the bargain considering that most domain providers offer domains at ₱700+ a year – just for a single domain and no hosting included!


When you host with HostMeCheap, you have the option if you want us to pre-install WordPress for you. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, it’s the most popular content management system in the world right now used by millions of websites and blogs. It’s really easy to use and if you have a bit of experience then you already have quite the advantage.

Payment methods

The payment methods are also another thing that makes HostMeCheap unique. You can either choose to pay via bank transfer, PayPal, or even Pera Padala! I want HostMeCheap to be available to everyone, even those without a Visa or Mastercard.

Where do I start?

Ready to begin your blogging journey? Head over to and scroll down to the very bottom. There will be a form and on the Coupon Code field, enter TVB10 for a 10% discount on your first month. Alternatively, you can send a message on the Facebook page that you would like to apply for a hosting account.

Check out this short promotional video (fyi that’s not my voice):

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