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CEBU to DUMAGUETE Complete Travel Guide 2018

This is a complete travel guide for those who wish to travel from Cebu to Dumaguete by bus. Dumaguete was where I got my first job after I graduated back in 2013. Now I only occasionally travel there just to meet up with old friends…

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Whenever I go to the bus terminal, I always take pictures of the latest schedules for different trips. This is to ensure that everything that I post on my blog is updated as the bus schedules can change occasionally. This is the Bacolod to Bayawan…

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2018 CERES Schedules CEBU to BACOLOD and BACOLOD to CEBU

I only travel from Bacolod to Cebu and Cebu to Bacolod by bus because, among other personal reasons, it is cheaper than spending around ₱1500 for an airline ticket. I travel every month and to keep this as accurate and reliable as possible, this post…

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