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Things You Need To Start A Self-Hosted Blog

So you’ve finally decided to start your own blog? Well that’s awesome! You’re now on the same spot as all bloggers were, no matter how big they are now. I started with zero knowledge too and it took awhile before I got the hang of…

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CrazyDomains Is The Best Place To Buy Cheap Domains

In my years of developing websites, I’ve probably bought around 20 domains in total. When I was just starting out, I was too excited to get my own .COM that I didn’t stop to consider doing proper research first. I purchased my early domains from…

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March 2018 Update

Just updated the domain from elmzarnsi.com to thevisayanblogger.com today. I did all the 301 redirects so that links from the previous domain will automatically redirect to the latter’s pages. Two months ago, I also made a domain change and that was from elmerbalb.in to elmzarnsi.com….

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February 2018 Update

Hey there it’s me Elmer 🙂 Just wanted to give a quick update to those who have been to my site atleast once in the past. Last January 31, the domain has been changed from https://elmerbalb.in to https://www.elmzarnsi.com/. The main reason for this is that…

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How to Choose Your Domain Name

You’re looking through the website of your favorite band or someone’s blog you enjoy reading and then suddenly you tell yourself, “I want my own site too”. This is when you start thinking about choosing your domain name. I’m not talking about those subdomains provided by your website…

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