10 Useful Apps You Need With You Everyday

Our phones are, with no exaggeration, one of the most loved things for us nowadays. Everything we have is stored in them: photos, music, and personal information. But would you like to improve the use of your pocket device?

Here are some apps you need to have with you everyday!

1. Fitbit

This is an app that will track your daily steps and count the amount of calories burned. It counts your daily steps and gives you information about your activity level. The average amount of steps you should be doing daily for a healthy lifestyle is 6.000. How many are you doing?

2. Messenger

Let’s be real, who has time to put on a computer in order to access their Facebook page for new messages? With Messenger it’s way easier! It will send you notifications when you have new Facebook (and not only! You can put your phone number there, too!) messages. A very nice display. A great chat app.

3. Afterlight

So far it’s the best photo editor ever! Let’s be real, you want to have a nice filter on your photos before posting, but Instagram doesn’t always provide good ones. Afterlight has a lot of nice effects and different styles of filters that will make your pictures better.

4. Best Fiends

You never know when you get stuck somewhere with no internet connection, and you are just bored! Well this game doesn’t let you get bored, I promise! You are going to get addicted, and it doesn’t matter if you deny it now. Believe me and download it, just in case.

5. Scribd

If you like reading books but you don’t want to carry your Kindle with you everywhere; Scribd is the perfect app for you. It contains audiobooks as well! You can store them into your phone so you can read or listen to books even offline.

The subscription costs 8.99 dollars per month, which is not a lot compared to the price of physical copies of the books. (There is a 30 day free trial so go get it now!)


This is the perfect app for the ones that want to start to work out but don’t want it to be too hard or to take too long. You can select the intensity of your workout and the duration that you want it to be, and it will create a random workout for the whole body. Simple as that! Have only 5 minutes in the morning? There is a perfect one on HIIT! And it’s free!

7. Shazam

God, you are hearing a song in a supermarket and you really, really like it! But you don’t know the name of it. I’ve got you! Shazam will listen to the song even offline, memorize it, and when you are online it will instantly show you the name of the song you liked. It’s very simple to use and very practical. You never know when you need it!

8. Microsoft Word

Sometimes we’re too lazy to get the computer for one single document you have to read/write/review. Microsoft Word will open it and let you make changes. You don’t need your computer for a simple task like that!

9. Myfitnesspal

If you think you have a balanced diet, think again. Start tracking your calorie and micronutrients intakes with Myfitnesspal. It’s very easy. Bonus: Ones you have it, you will be thinking twice whether you really need that bag of chips or not, because it’s going to get you over your healthy food intake.

Being productive food-wise is very important nowadays, so don’t miss it!

10. Headspace

This is the perfect app for letting go of the stress your mind accumulated over the day. It will clear your mind and motivate you to keep going and achieve your goals in life. You will never feel down. And if you will, it will help you bring your mood up. We don’t give enough credit to our mind for coping with the daily stress and anxiety. It’s time to thank it and give it a little rest!


I’m not an expert on anything. I’m just a random person who likes to write and casually give out some advice for the internet to read.

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