12 Beautiful Falls in Cebu You Should Definitely Visit

A week before Holy Week, our group decided to grab the opportunity of the upcoming long holiday weekend to see some of the falls in Cebu. They wanted to visit at least 12 waterfalls, which was quite the challenge considering we only had two days before going back to work. So after days of planning and Google-searching, the date was set and the plan to visit 12 falls in Cebu within 2 days was in full effect.

They rented a van for ₱9,000 that was to take us anywhere in Cebu for two days. There were 9 of us so each of us paid ₱1,000 for the transportation. With the van, food, entrance fees, pension house stay, and tour guide tips, our total expense was around ₱2,000 each. Just shy of our ₱2,400 budget which I think was already cheap considering how far we would travel around Cebu.

In this article, I’ve listed all the falls in Cebu that we were able to visit, in order. To be clear, these aren’t the only falls you can find in Cebu as there are over a hundred according to my friend. But making almost 10% of that is good enough for me, for now 😀 Looking back on the trip, I would say that it was truly a weekend well-spent as I was able to see and experience more hidden attractions the island had to offer. So if you’re looking for things to do in Cebu alone or as a group, then I would gladly suggest going on the same adventure too.


1. Mantayupan Falls

Located in Barili, this was our first stop and the only one that didn’t require any hiking. The falls is inside CAMPCO ECO-TOP and there is a convenient parking area outside. Entrance is ₱40 for adults and ₱20 for kids. Before you get to the main falls, there’s a hanging bridge where you can take some nice pictures. We also had a breakfast here and we were only charged ₱50 for the table.

2. Cangkalanog Falls

Cangkalanog Falls is located in Alegria and you need to hike for about 10-15 minutes downhill to get to the falls. Vehicles need to park at the nearby barrio because the road is very narrow, making it nearly impossible to turn around when it’s time to leave. Cangkalanog Falls isn’t exactly your typical waterfall as it isn’t as big and unlike the others, looks more like a cascade. The water is clear and cool and the area seems like a perfect place to camp or host group retreats. There is an entrance fee of ₱50 but you can opt not to pay if you’re not going to swim and just want to take pictures.

3. Cambais Falls

Cambais falls is located in Brgy. Guadalupe, Alegria and one of the most popular on this list. There is a parking area and from there you will be hiking uphill. The hike takes about 15 minutes and there’s an entrance fee of ₱50. The falls has a rocky platform, which is accessible by climbing a rope, near the top where you can jump and land safely on the water. There is another waterfall up ahead where you can also jump and do tricks mid-air. For those who aren’t swimmers, don’t worry, there are rocks which you can sit on that allows you to shower at the side of the waterfall.

4. Montpeller Falls

I would consider Montpeller falls one of the hidden treasures of Cebu. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in the island and at the same time, one of the most secluded. To get to Montpeller falls, you have to get to Brgy. Montpeller in Alegria. The path going to the falls starts on a sharp curve road on the mountainside. You have to hike down the path which can be exhausting and can take around 15 minutes. Make sure to follow the pipe as that will lead you to the waterfall. The waterfall is very beautiful and makes the tiring trek even more worth it.

5. Inambakan Falls

If you want to visit the 5 waterfalls of Ginatilan: Inambakan, Kampael Kambugnawan, Kabutungan, and Tipolo, then head over to Inambakan Falls, which is the first level and the largest of them all. From the main highway, there’s a sign that will point you to Inambakan falls. The way to the parking area is pretty straight-forward as long as you follow the asphalt road. After you’ve paid your entrance fee of ₱50 which includes the life jacket, start the hike downhill where after 5-10 minutes of walking, you will find Inambakan falls. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by rocks and an abundant forest, there are a lot of good spots to take pictures with. If you brought lunch, there are cottages up ahead if you plan to rent one.

6. Kampael Falls

To get to Kampael falls or the second level, you need to trek further uphill of Inambakan falls. Don’t worry, there will be someone to guide you throughout the 5 waterfalls, in our case I think it was the caretaker’s boy. Kampael is a small waterfall but has a strong current so be careful if you decide to take pictures as you don’t want to get swept away.

7. Kambugnawan Falls

Kabugnawan Falls, the third level, is another 5-10 minutes hike from Kampael. It’s another small waterfall but be cautious of going in the middle as it’s really deep. Always wear your life jacket if you don’t know how to swim.

8. Kabutungan Falls

After you’re done with Kambugnawan Falls, you’ll proceed to Kabutungan, the fourth level. The water is full of algae so it isn’t safe to swim in, however, it still looks peaceful and beautiful so make sure to ready out those cameras.

9. Tipolo Falls

The fifth level and also the last waterfall, this is your last stop before heading back to Inambakan falls. It’s a bit larger than the previous 3 but the water is just as cool. The deep part is directly where the water drops but there are rocks which you can sit on to pose for pictures.

10. Dau Falls

Of all the falls in Cebu that we’ve visited, this is probably my favorite. Dau falls is located in Samboan and getting there is the most challenging for me yet. There is an entrance fee of ₱40 and you will start your hike from the parking area. The hike takes around 30 minutes or more depending on how fast you travel. You will pass through greenery and walk through rivers and cliff edges. The waterfall is situated at the top and one of the tallest ones in Cebu, and it is very beautiful. The water was cool and because of its location, the area was quite bright despite surrounded by cliffs.

11. Binalayan Falls

Binalayan Falls, still located in Samboan, is a popular destination for the locals of the town. The entrance is just near the highway but you have to hike for about 10-15 minutes to get to the waterfall. Entrance fee is ₱40. When we got there, it was already crowded as it was around lunchtime. Similar to Cambais Falls, you can climb on the side and jump from the rocks. However, if you don’t know how to swim then don’t try this.

12. Tumalog Falls

A popular tourist destination in Oslob, Tumalog Falls gets flocked by hundreds of people every day. The road to the waterfall is so steep that you should avoid running when walking downhill. If you want to avoid the hike, there are also motorbikes available that will charge ₱30 for a one-way trip. Entrance fee is ₱20 only. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to swim in Tumalog due to time constraints and we had to get back to Cebu city. But at least we were able to see the place!


Those were the 12 falls in Cebu that you should definitely visit. I had a great time and it really was an exciting experience for all of us. As my friend has mentioned, there are dozens more and I hope to visit the rest someday.

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For example thes falls, lush and greenery sometimes produces insects and mosquitoes.



Hi, I will be travelling from Bacolod to Cebu next month with a group of friends and wanted to know which company you hired the van for two days from.


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