CEBU to BACOLOD via ESCALANTE Complete Travel Guide 2019

In another article, I wrote a complete guide to travel from Cebu to Bacolod via Don Salvador. This time I will be sharing what the trip will be like from Cebu to Bacolod via Escalante. To be clear, this is via Tabuelan-Escalante and not Toledo-Escalante because there is only one trip for the latter. I usually prefer traveling between Cebu and Bacolod only via Don Salvador because it’s quicker but I decided to take the Escalante route just to record the experience and share it with everybody. If you are planning to go to Lakawon Island, then this route is for you as the bus will pass by Cadiz city.

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The total travel time is around 9 hours but it could be lesser especially when it’s a night trip because of the absence of heavy traffic. The Ceres bus for via Escalante is of an older unit than the ones being used for via Don Salvador so don’t expect it to have a restroom inside.



via Escalante
8:00 AM
9:00 AM*
11:15 AM
5:30 PM
7:30 PM
10:30 PM
TRAVEL TIME 9-10 hours
TOTAL FARE ₱550.00
Trips with (*) are via Escalante-Toledo. The rest are via Escalante-Tabuelan

Check out the Ceres bus schedule and fare above to know which time you wish to travel. There are trips every day, however, be sure to be at the Cebu North Bus Terminal at least 2 hours before your planned time of departure as the bus can leave earlier than expected.

Getting to the Cebu North Bus Terminal

If you’re from Cebu, you are probably already familiar where the terminal is. From Colon, you can take a taxi cab or just ride a 01K jeepney which will take you all the way to the North Bus Terminal. Because of the distance from Colon, jeepney fare is ₱9.00 as of posting time. If you are coming from Mactan Airport, then I also made a separate guide for that.

Cebu to Bacolod via Escalante-Tabuelan bus

When you arrive at the bus terminal, the Ceres buses from Cebu to Bacolod via Escalante are at the far right end of the terminal. Look for the buses with the sign ‘via Escalante-Tabuelan’. To secure a seat, there is usually a woman there who will be giving out numbers to passengers. Once you have your seat number, wait for instructions from the bus conductor if the tickets will be paid outside or inside the bus.

Ceres bus ticket and seat number

Total Fare

The total fare will cost ₱550.00. Breaking it down, ₱420 for the bus and ₱130 for the ferry. There are two ferries, Aznar and Tristar, which means that their fares might not entirely be the same. So prepare to bring extra money if ever that is the case.

Getting to Tabuelan port

The Ceres bus will leave the North bus terminal before or exactly on the time of departure. It will leave early when all the seats are already taken and the bus is ready. The bus will travel to Tabuelan port for 2-3+ hours depending on how fast it is going and the traffic conditions.

Tabuelan port

Once you are at the port, disembark the bus as you cannot be on the bus when it enters the boat. Inside the ferry, you will not be assigned a designated seat so you are free to choose to sit down wherever you want. If you were not charged by the bus conductor for the ferry fare before, this is the time where one of the crew will ask for the ₱130.00 fare. The boat will travel from Tabuelan to Escalante for more than 2 hours.

Inside the ferry boat

Arriving at Escalante

When you have arrived at Escalante, wait for your Ceres bus outside the ferry. After all of the passengers are accounted for, you will now travel from Escalante to Bacolod city. Travel time will take another 2-3 hours.

Escalante port

Since I traveled at night, we made no quick bus stops. I’m not sure if this is the same for day trips.

Arriving at Bacolod

The Bacolod North Bus Terminal is quite huge but you can find taxi cabs near the arrival area and head to where you need to go in the city. You can also opt for jeepneys if you already know your way around. If you don’t have a hotel yet, check out this list of affordable hotels in Bacolod.

Bacolod North Bus Terminal

So that was Cebu to Bacolod via Escalante. I hope that you found this travel guide helpful and I wish you the best for the rest of your travels!

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Jojo pilapil

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