CEBU to DUMAGUETE Complete Travel Guide 2019

This is a complete travel guide for those who wish to travel from Cebu to Dumaguete by bus. Dumaguete was where I got my first job after I graduated back in 2013. Now I only occasionally travel there just to meet up with old friends and to update certain articles on my blog. Dumaguete city is the capital of Negros Oriental or the south of Negros Island.

Known for its beautiful boulevard and delicious Silvanas, it is also a popular ‘go to’ place for passport applications and renewals because it is easier to get an appointment there than in Cebu where slots tend to run out very quickly. So if you’re planning to go to Dumaguete soon, I hope you find this guide helpful!



via Bato-Tampi
TOTAL FARE ₱340.00
7:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
11:30 AM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
11:00 PM

Before anything else, please check out the Ceres schedule and fare above to know which time you’d like to travel and how much it cost. The trip will take around 5-6 hours depending on whether you traveled by day or night and if it’s a weekend or a weekday.

Getting to the Cebu South Bus Terminal

The Cebu South Bus Terminal is just a few meters away from Elizabeth Mall or Emall as what people would usually call it. If you are from the Cebu North Bus Terminal, you can just ride a 01K jeepney which will take you all the way to Emall. If you are coming from Mactan airport, however, you can check out this article on how to get to the South Bus Terminal.

Dumaguete-bound bus

Once you are at the bus terminal, from the entrance just walk straight to the end and then turn to the right. Look for aisle C11 as that is where you will find the Dumaguete-bound buses. Make sure the bus says ‘Dumaguete’ and not ‘Bacolod’.

Wish to visit The City of Smiles? Check out the Cebu-Bacolod schedules

The payment for tickets are usually done inside the bus but if you are traveling on the last night trip which is 11 pm, the busiest schedule, then the tickets will be paid outside. It is good to note that since this is the last trip, people will already be lining up as early as 8 pm.

Total Fare

The total fare is ₱330.00 which includes the bus and ferry tickets. But the bus conductor will only charge you ₱260 while the remaining ₱70 will be charged by someone in the ferry boat.

Cebu-Dumaguete bus tickets
Ferry ticket

Simala rest stop

On day trips, the Ceres bus will make a 10-15 minute stop at a rest stop in Simala. There you can buy snacks to eat or bring along with you for the remainder of the trip. They also have a number of restrooms but you will have to queue for a C.R. ticket first.

Rest stop in Simala

Bato to Tampi

From Simala the bus will now continue to the port of Bato, travel time of about 3 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions, which is where you will board the ferry to Tampi. When you get to the port, passengers can disembark the bus if the boat hasn’t arrived yet.

Port of Bato

When the ferry arrives and your bus has already gotten in, you can choose to stay inside the bus or take a seat at the ferry’s passengers’ area. Around this time, a person will be collecting the ₱70 for the ferry ticket. Sea travel time is approximately 40 minutes from Bato port to the port of Tampi.

Heading to Tampi port

A few minutes before docking at Tampi, passengers should get back to the bus to avoid getting left behind. Although the bus conductor will count heads, you wouldn’t want to be that person that everybody has to wait for.

Arriving at Dumaguete city

From Tampi, the bus will now travel non-stop to Dumaguete. Travel time is less than an hour. The bus will pass by the Dumaguete port so if you have a connecting trip, let’s say to Siquijor, then you should give the bus conductor an early notice.

And that’s it! After a few minutes passing by the boulevard, you will have arrived at the Dumaguete bus terminal. From there, you can take a pedicab to where you want to go, like to your hotel. Pedicabs charge ₱8.00 per person and they can charge more if where you’re going is a bit far.

The Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal

That’s all for this Cebu to Dumaguete travel guide. I hope that you find all this information useful. I will be updating this from time to time whenever I can travel and if there are changes to the trip. Have a great day and safe travels!

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Thank you for the information. Great help for us first timer in Dumaguete. Will be travelling next week .

Alvin Alemania
Alvin Alemania

Thank you for this write up. I will be flying from Toronto to Cebu City next month. I need to get to Santander/Liloan from South Bus Terminal. I am bringing a luggage with important items inside. Would you recommend paying a fare for it so it is seated beside me (if possible) or it is safe to have it stored in the luggage compartment of the bus? Do they issue a luggage claim tag so it does not get mixed up? By the way, is the Water Bus operational? Thanks again for writing this blog.




Thank you!!!! Will be traveling tomorrow! This is very helpful!

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