How to Get to The DFA Office in BACOLOD

Every month, hundreds of people travel to Bacolod just for their passport appointments. Most of them come from Cebu as getting an appointment there is much harder as interview slots tend to book out faster. If you are planning to travel to Bacolod and aren’t sure where to go, then this article is for you. I will be guiding you on how to get to the DFA office in Bacolod.

The DFA office in Bacolod is on the 3rd floor of the Robinsons Place mall. You can get to the mall by simply riding a taxi but you can also just ride a jeepney if you prefer a cheaper alternative. This guide is for those who are arriving at the South Bus terminal, North Bus Terminal, or at the airport if you are traveling by plane.


When you arrive at the South Bus Terminal, there will be some taxi cabs waiting on the side of the road. Once you are in one, tell the driver to drop you off at Robinsons mall. Flag down rate is ₱40.00 and the whole trip will only cost around ₱60-₱80 depending on the amount of traffic.

If you want to ride a jeepney instead, facing the road to the left, look for a jeepney that says NORTHBOUND TERMINAL. That jeepney is bound for the North Bus Terminal and will pass by Robinsons. Fare is ₱9.00 for regulars while for students, senior citizens, and PWDs, it’s ₱7.00.

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Similar to the South Bus Terminal, there will be taxi cabs waiting at the North Bus Terminal. Just get in one and tell the driver to take you to Robinsons mall/DFA office. The total fare will cost around ₱50-₱60 as the mall is not that far away.

If you want to save money by riding a jeepney, there is a waiting area just outside the bus terminal. Look for jeepneys that say BATA, MANDALAGAN, or NORTHBOUND TERMINAL. Those jeepneys will pass by and even pickup passengers at Robinsons. Fare is ₱9.00 for regulars while for students, senior citizens, and PWDs, it’s ₱7.00.


If you are coming from the airport, there are shuttle vans there that can take you to Bacolod city. If I remember correctly, fare is ₱100.00 per person. But that was 2 years ago so make sure to bring extra money just to be sure. There are also taxi cabs but that would be more expensive as they run on a meter and the airport is very far from the city.

Not all vans have the same drop-off points as there are different shuttle bus terminals in the city. Once you get to the last stop, take a taxi cab to Robinsons mall or if you happen to see one of the jeepneys mentioned in this article, then you can also ride those.

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Important note

At the bus terminals you will see that there are a lot of tricycles/pedicabs. Before you decide to get into one, make sure to ask first regarding the rate. There can be discrepancies with some of the pedicab drivers and they can charge unreasonably high prices. This has been a problem in Bacolod for a long time now so just be cautious especially if it’s your first time in the city.

So that was my guide on how to get to the DFA office in Bacolod city. For those who still need help or are starting somewhere not listed on the article, feel free to comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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