Buses are the second most common mode of transportation, next to jeepneys, in the Cebu island when it comes to traveling to different municipalities. There are two bus terminals, the North Terminal which is located near Parkmall in Mandaue and the South Terminal which is beside EMall or Elizabeth Mall located near the heart of the city.

Each terminal has its own specific areas of destinations. The North Bus Terminal only provides trips to towns north of the island while the South Bus Terminal is for towns south of the island. However, both terminals have buses that also have destinations outside the Cebu island, like to Negros, Leyte, etc.

To get to the North Bus Terminal, you have two options: take a taxi cab or ride a myBus bus. Both can be found outside the Arrival section of the airport.

From Mactan Airport to Cebu North Terminal

Getting to the bus terminal on taxi

This is the most direct option because you just need to tell the driver to drop you off at the North Bus Terminal. When you are outside the arrival area, go right until you see where the taxi cabs are waiting. However, they can be expensive since they run on a meter and it’s quite a distance (around 30 mins. travel time with minimal traffic) to get to the terminal.

Flag down rates start at ₱40.00 so be cautious if some drivers try to hustle you especially if they know you’re not from Cebu. The total taxi fare from Mactan airport to the Cebu North Bus Terminal is around ₱150-₱180.

Passengers queuing for taxis
Passengers queuing for taxis

Getting to the bus terminal on myBus

This is a far cheaper alternative. myBus is owned by SM Malls and is widely popular with people who are trying to get to the airport from Cebu city. The rates are fixed at ₱40.00 or only $0.80. When you are outside the arrival area, the buses will just be on the right side. You can’t miss them since they have that myBus logo on the side. To pay for a ticket, there should be a booth beside the bus so just approach whoever is there. A new bus arrives every 30 mins.


However, the myBus won’t pass by the Cebu North Terminal. Before its last stop at SM Cebu, it will make a short bus stop at Parkmall so you should disembark there and take a taxi cab or a 01K jeepney to get to the North Bus terminal. The terminal is near Parkmall so the taxi fare should just be around ₱60-₱70.

Check out the full list of Mactan-Cebu mybus schedules.

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