Getting from Mactan AIRPORT to Cebu SOUTH Bus Terminal

There are different ways to get to the Cebu South Bus Terminal from the airport. It just depends on how much luggage you have and how heavy. If you have many bags, then I would suggest taking a taxi cab instead – that way it won’t be much of a hassle on your part. If you only have a backpack, then you can just take the myBus and transfer to a jeepney.

Below are two ways on how to get from Mactan Airport to the Cebu South Bus Terminal.

From Mactan Airport to Cebu South Terminal

By Taxi

This is the most direct option since you just need to tell the driver to take you all the way to the bus terminal. The fare however will be expensive since it’s quite a distance from the airport. You can find the taxi cabs parked at the right side of the Arrivals area in the airport. Travel time is around 40-45 mins. in normal traffic conditions.

By myBus

myBus is owned by SM Corp. and has been one of the main modes of transportation to get to the airport and back. You can find a myBus waiting when you turn right just outside the Arrivals area. If not, then just wait for one to arrive since there is a 30-min interval before a new bus turns up. There should be a myBus booth there where you can buy the ticket. If I remember correctly it only cost ₱25. Ride the bus then disembark at Parkmall. From there, ride a 01K jeepney which cost ₱10, and tell the driver to drop you off at EMall. Walk a few meters and you should now be at the Cebu South Bus Terminal.

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Thank youuu! This helps a lot as a DIY traveller


Or take a taxi to Cenu Mactan ferry terminal and take the local ferry to Cebu it is 12peso fare and drops you off at Cebu passenger terminal..ideal if you are catching an ongoing boat ..