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Recently, I’ve been receiving cpu usage warning messages in my email regarding my blog. For those who aren’t aware, I’ve only been relying on a Free Web Hosting package which has a daily limit on the number of visits my site can get. This was fine at the start since I only had about 5-10 unique visitors a day, however in these past weeks, I’ve been getting 50-100+ unique visitors which placed a huge amount of pressure on my account.

(Google Analytics screenshot)

This triggered my hosting provider to send me system messages that I have almost capped my limit and suggestions to upgrade…

…which I obviously ignored. That unsurprisingly led to this:

This was bad since I had other sites hosted in my account and because of the suspension they were also taken down. 24 hours may not be a big deal for some but considering that the sites that were affected included my online portfolio and other projects which had their urls encoded in my resume and social media platforms, this was quite an issue for me. This happened not once but twice already and I can’t risk for it to happen again.

So to save me the hassle, I’ve decided to upgrade my account which doesn’t actually cost that much ($3.99/month) as long as you have a stable salary. This move was not necessarily only to benefit me but also for the few users who somehow ended up in my blog and got to checked out what I had to post 🙂

Elmer Balbin

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